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Koh Samui

Our fourth stop in Thailand is Koh Samui, which is farther north than the islands of Phuket and Phi Phi. It is also where we will be meeting up with Lili, after her two day journey in Bangkok. Luke headed home the morning Christian and I left Phi Phi and we went on to our 9 hour journey to Samui. This trip involves two ferries and one 3 hour bus ride….woohoo. After our last ferry adventure Christian and I learned that we definitely needed some motion sickness tablets this time. So we went to grab some Thai medicine….hoping they are similar to American ones! The day was incredibly long but thanks to our motion sickness tablets. We left around 8:30 am and FINALLY arrived around 7p.m. ‘Twas quite a rough voyage! In Samui, we are staying at the Hacia Resort and Waterpark. Once Lili got there we decided to treat ourselves after a long day of travelling and eating crappy food and get a good meal. Luckily for us, the restaurant that we chose was celebrating their year anniversary and even gave us a discount on our food and bottle of wine. After dinner we decided to head into bed early to prepare for a full day ahead of us because it was supposed to be sunny. As we were getting ready for bed we noticed that a little lizard had joined us in our bedroom. Lili was not a fan, but in my mind as long as it’s not a cricket, roach, or anything of the sort I am good so I named him Jared and got into bed. I fell asleep right away while Lili was still getting ready for bed. A few minutes later I hear Lili calling my name, but I’m so tired I just continue sleeping. Then comes the yelling. She then yells “KELLY COCKROACH!!” Well, now that surely got my attention and I jumped up too. The cockroach was absolutely enormous and Lord knows that I wasn’t touching that thing. Lili and I are now full blown screaming “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”, “KILL IT!!”, “NO YOU KILL IT!!”. We must have been doing this for about five minutes when Christian hears of from next door and he comes to the outside of our door and goes “What’s going on??” and when we tell him there’s a cockroach and we need his help he says “Oh….nevermind bye!” and leaves us alone with it. Thus, the duty fell on Lili. We grabbed the hotel tray from the bathroom and smashes it against the wall right near our bed. We punched the tray into the wall until we were 110% sure that it was dead and then Lili three it outside with one of the hotel towels. Let’s just ay this was the worst night’s seep I’ve had this trip. We slept with the lights on….just in case any more roaches came to the slumber party. The next day after waking up and thanking Christian for kindly ignoring our cries for help last night we decided we would rent scooters for the day (only 6USD each!). When the people came to the hotel to drop off the bikes for us we were a little wary. We knew the odds of one of us falling off was high, especially with the three of us and then you also had to remember that driving in Thailand was much different than America, especially when it comes to driving on the left side of the road. But we were off! First, we stopped by Hin Ta and Hin Ya, which are a collection in rocks near Lamai Beach. They are shaped like a penis and a vagina….how lovely to have rocks shaped like human genitalia! We found the penis one very quickly….you couldn’t really miss it! However we couldn’t find the other one no matter how much we looked. We did a bit of exploring here and even tried out some ice cream in a coconut before heading to our next destination. Next up was the NanMueang Waterfall. It was an incredibly long hike up to reach the waterfall, but it was beautiful when you finally got up there. We hung around for a bit cooling off. We then noticed a bunch of clouds in the sky and noticed it was about to rain so we decided to head back. On the ride home it downpoured….nothing like being on a motorbike instead of a car during a downpour!! Lol. By the time we got back the rain had lightened. I was leading the three of us the whole time and then Chri was behind me and then Lili. When we made the last turn to the street our hotel went on and got back to the hotel I then realized they were not behind me….so I waited a few minutes and then headed back to the turn to make sure they were okay. Of course, we have a man down during the last minute of riding. Lili tried to make the turn and due to the bad turning radius of the bike and the wet streets she had a bit of a wipe out. Luckily, she only had scratches down her side and a bit of bruising and we were blessed that the bike had no damages. We decided to rest a bit after this long day and Lili’s injury but really liked the motor bikes so we decided to keep them for the next day too.
The next day we decided to go explore the island a bit more. We first went to eat lunch in a tree house restaurant called Rock Bar. It was really cool because it was literally a huge tree house and was also right on a secluded beach near Hin Ta and Hin Ya. Then we went to a beach about 30 mins away. There was no one else on the beach except for a dog who invited himself to join us. You could see the five islands from this beach and it was the perfect place for a nap for us!
We spent our third day going to the beach near our hotel, Lamai Beach for a few hours and then Lili and I decided to treat ourselves to massages. We both got foot massages and then after the first decided….why not do one more hour?? So we went for the rest of our body too. Worth it when two hours only costs 12USD!
Samui was nice because not only did we have a beach like in Phi Phi, but it was a beautiful and small island to travel around by bikes. We got to be a bit less touristy and just explore on our own so it was really.

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Koh Phi Phi

Today, we landed in Phi Phi and finally were incredibly stoked to see some sunshine after our last two stormy days in Phuket. We took a ferry to Phi Phi early in the morning and unfortunately were not prepared for the motion sickness that faced us for the two hour boat ride. By the end, we all knew we were incredibly close to being sick but managed to keep it together unlike many of the other passengers. When we got to Tonsai Pier we fire were told we had to pay a "20 Baht Environmental fee"...the classic way to rip off tourists. After helping the locals and the environment we headed to find our Hotel. My google maps unfortunately was not very clear on the directions and we ended up walking through backyards, beaches, and other areas with no path. Luckily, I had my backpack, but I think Luke and Christian were ready to kill me considering they had huge rolling suitcases. When we got to our hotel, Phi Phi Vew Point Resort, I was extremely happy because for the first time this trip the pictures of the hotel online looked exactly the same as in reality. We had our own private bungalow with a patio and a view of the sea. To top it off, the sea here is 100 times more beautiful than Phuket and the island is much less developed and commercialized/touristy. Since it was incredibly sunny we went and sat on the beach and read our books. I got to finish my second book of the trip, After You, and we all got to work on our tans a bit more.
On our second day in Phi Phi we decided to take advantage of the sunny day and rent some kayaks for a few hours. After seeing those monkeys in Phuket we really wanted to see some more and found out that there was a Monkey Beach nearby. So we headed with our kayaks that way. The woman who we rented them from was also kind enough to lend us waterproof bags for all of our stuff. The trip in the kayak, though a bit difficult at times, was incredibly beautiful. At Monkey Beach we got to spend time swimming in the water and looking at the monkeys. We decided to keep a little bit more of a distance after being told these monkeys tended to be a bit vicious and will steal your bags, phones, cameras, or anything else you leave unattended. After spending a bit of time here we decided to head back on our 45 minute journey. Since Christian and Luke were at times speed demons with the kayaks and didn't stop as much to enjoy the view as I did, I tried to get a head start and started paddling before they did. After a few minutes of going in the kayak I thought I would grab my water from the comparrtment behind me quick realizing I hadn't drank any water throughout the trip. Well as soon as I turned slightly in the kayak was when I knew I was about to flip over. Next thing you know I am underwater, the kayak has bashed me in the head, my ore is MIA, and my waterproof bag is under the water. Of course naturally, as any millenial would, I freaked out trying to find my bag with my phone as fast as possible. I was ridiculously grateful that the waterproof bag actually worked and saved all of my stuff in it from being destroyed. Then I had to swim back to shore with my kayak to get back in as Christian went to grab my ore. Sadly, one of my favorite pair of sunglasses could not be found and now belong to dear old mother nature. Lucky that was all she took from me!! So with a sllightly bruised head and soaking wet clothes I regrouped and we all headed back to shore. We definitely all got in our workout that day and it was a super nice way to take in the views of Thailand. Later that night we went to go and watch the fire shows on the beach that happen at several of the bars/restaurants. When we first got to the bar the waiter came over and said "weed, you want weed....weed?." As enticing as it sounds to go to Thai prison and face the possibility of execution, there was no way any of us were interested. However, every single restuarant on Phi Phi still offers it to all the tourists.....weird. The fire show was pretty good, and a boy who looked about 10 years old was one of the best ones in the show. They invited tourists to be a part of it at the end, but after reading stories online of tourists getting third degree burns from it, we decided it would be best to sit that one out.
Though Phi Phi in general was a much smaller island, there was still a big nightlife crowd. Usually the day exhausted us so much that we were ready for bed at 11....I usually fell asleep even earlier. Even though I purposefully chose a hotel that was farther from the main bar area to avoid the noise it still travelled and was super loud where we were staying. Luckily, I was prepared and had earplugs and slept like a baby, but Christian and Luke were struggling hard for a few of the nights. We got lucky for two of the nights because it turned out that alcohol was banned in Thailand for two of the days that we were here because of a referendum and thus we got to sleep perfectly while the bars were closed and there was no music and nowhere for the tourists to go.
While in Phi Phi I also learned that Deet (which my bug spray is very high in) destroys nail polish and thus my nails and toes were a mess. So I decided to take advantage of the cheap prices and get my nails and toes done here. Tom, you probably won't appreciate this at all or care but I am sure mom will be jealous. Originally the woman tried to charge me 800 Baht, which is ~25 dollars and would include removing my gel nail polish, repainting them with gel, and getting a pedicure. In America, this would be cheap, but we all know how cheap I am so I used my bargaining skils and managed to get the price down to 500 Baht....~15 dollars....wooohoo! So I considered that a pretty successful trip too!! Later, I came back to the same place for a foot massage.....nothing like paying $4 for one!
All in all, I really liked Phi Phi much much more than Phuket. There were less people, much more beautiful views and ocean, and DEFNTELY much much better food.
Tomorrow we head to Samui....an 8 hour trip involving two ferries, one 3 hour bus ride, and two van rides.....gonna be lots of fun! We'll be meeting up with Lili at night, and Luke will be heading home early on his own.

Til next time!

Books Read: The Rumor, After You
Restaurants Liked: Anna's, Unni's, Mango Garden, Cosmic, Solemi

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Surprisingly not pronounced "Fuck it"

Before we left for Thailand, I did not have very high expectations for Phuket. This was mostly due to it being one of the most commercialized and touristy islands in Thailand being one of the few with a large airport. Nonetheless, I booked a few days here before heading off to the other islands to see what it was all about. The three of us were incredibly excited to get anywhere other than Bangkok. Though we had some good times there, there is something about ping pong shows, people constantly trying to rip you off, and being surrounded by tall dirty buildings that will get to you after a few days. Phuket, though every American I know pronounces it "Fuck-it" is actually pronounced "Poo-ket." There are rarely any tall buildings here, but the dozens of Thai men saying "taxi, taxi" or "tuk tuk tuk tuk" trying to get you to take a ride somewhere still exist on every corner. Our "resortel" though far from a 5 star hotel was immediately better than our last, having two king size beds and a bathroom where you couldn't see the person showering. We were a few steps away from the beach, so I was incredibly happy upon arriving. Though Phuket experiences the highest rainfall in August of all of the islands in Thailand, we were lucky and had a beautiful first 3 days. We spent the first two days relaxing on the beach reading and swimming in the ocean. We foolishly did not consult TripAdvisor for our first few meals and ended up having what we agreed was some of the worst meals of our lives....but I didn't have very high expectations going in. On Sunday, August 1, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and do a tour that included a visit to James Bond Island. Early that morning we were picked up by a minibus (air conditioned thank the lord) and were to be taken to Kasom Pier and travel then by longboat. Though the ride there was much longer (and more nauseating) than expected, the trip ended up involving a lot of cool things. First we stopped to visit Suwankuha Temple, also known as Monkey Temple. This temple is known for its monkeys that roam around outside of it waiting to be fed as the tourists go by. At first, we were all pretty hesitant thinking about what diseases these monkeys would give us, but then one woman showed us how you can feed it so we decided to give it a shot. I bought some nuts and made lots of monkey friends. They were incredibly friendly and it was super freaky how much they resembled humans. We went around feeding the monkeys for 20 minutes or so. While I was trying to get a selfie with one of them though, he found that as a perfect time to grab my entire bottle of food and refused to give it back. He kept trying to open it himself and when I tried to help he ran up into a tree with it. He finally managed to get it open himself and sat there staring at me while he ate the rest of the nuts....rude. Hopefully Tobey won't be mad at me for making some new animal friends! After that we got to go sightseeing by longtail boat around Phang Nga Bay, led by our guide Lena. It was absolutely beautiful. We stopped next at Talu Island to go canoeing. We were allowed two people per canoe, so I ended up going with another man. I tried to converse, but turned out he spoke no English....classic. We went and explored some natural sea caves on the canoes for a half hour before returning to the main boat for our next stop. Between the different placees we traveled every two seconds Christian would say "Is that James Bond Island?" to every limestone cliff he saw. It never was.......Finally our next stop was sthe infamous James Bond Island, which was renamed for tourists after a movie decades prior called "The Man with the Golden Gun" or something like that. Our final stop of the day was at Koh Panyee (Koh means island in Thai), a muslim fishing village. Here, we had lunch consisting of battered shrimp (which was mostly just batter to be honest lol), chicken wings (which consisted of barely any chicken) and a few other smaller dishes. That was our last stop of the day before heading back to the hotel.
One of my favorite parts of Phuket was finding the cafes. In China, Shaked and I would always find hidden cafes after Chinese class where we would grab lunch, meet cool people, and occasionally study our Chinese, so I was really excited when I found one here too. The first one I found was called Cafe Siam. This cafe is run by a woman from Sydney who decided to move here a little while ago. She gave me some tips for living and working in Sydney and also had a bookshelf for book swaps, which was perfect because I had just finished my first book here, Brain on Fire and was hoping to get a new one. I came here for the two rainy days we had by myself so instead of sitting in the hotel all day while it rained I sat in the cafe reading a new book and talking a bit with the Australian woman. Thus, the rain didn't ruin my day at all, but helped me discover something too.
One of my absolute least favorite parts of Phuket was getting my first Thai massages. I went in not really knowing what exactly a Thai massage involved and ended up experiencing the worst hour of my trip. I left needing a massage because I was in so much pain! A Thai massage basically involves a Thai woman going from your toes to your head pressing her pands onto every part of your body. She repeatedly put her entire body weight on one part of my body at a time and it was so painful. An hour had never ever ever felt longer. I kept trying to say softer softer please, but she did not understand that at all, nor did she realizes that my face was one of extreme pain and not pleasure. I was absolutely thrilled when the massage finally ended, and needed a massage to recover from my massage. It hurt to walk after and I swore I was going to have bruises over my entire body the next day. I should have learned not to be adventurous after my airplane food experience, but apparently I didn't!
Tonight, for our last night in Phuket we are going to the infamous Simon Cabaret Show, also known as the lady boy show.....so that should definitely be interesting!
All in all, I liked Phuket a bit more than I expected and though Patong Beach was a bit touristy, there was a bunch that I liked here.

Next stop: Koh Phi Phi :)

Restaurants liked: Arabia, Leo & Mas, Eurothai
Restaurants disliked: Patong Seafood {had a sign that said best seafoodd since 1979.....I would argue worst*}
Cafes liked: Cafe Siam, Ella

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Day Two in Bangkok

Buddas, Haggling, and Ping Pong

Today we tried to wake up early and beat the rush of people heading to the Temples, but didn’t work too well. We had breakfast at the Dang Derm Hotel (which was included in our hotel) and then headed off to the Grand Palace. I have done plenty of research prior to this trip so that I would be as prepared as possible and get the most out of it. I had told Christian and Luke multiple times to make sure their skin was all covered for going to the different temples. This meant a long dress, skirt, or pants must be warn and arms must be covered. I set off with my new long maxi dress and a scarf over my shoulders thinking that would be good. On our way to the temple we were approached by the classic Thai man who tried to tell us that the Grand Palace and temples were closed today and tried to get us to go to a market. Luckily, I had read that many people will try to trick you with this and thus we didn’t fall for it. When we went to go into the Grand Palace of course I was the only one who the guard decided was dressed inappropriately and he told me to go into the shop and buy a shirt…..classic! I ended up having to pay 6 USD….cheap, but friggin expensive in Thailand….which looked “absolutely deplorable”, as Christian kindly noted, over my floor length dress.
Needless to say, the fashion police would have ripped me apart. It was absolutely packed in there, hard to get any pictures without 50 tourists in the background but still beautiful and a great experience. I tried to take a few pictures, but as soon as I looked at them and realized how horrible my outfit looked I decided to call it quits.
Afterwards, we went to grab some Pad Thai for lunch, and that was when I decided that was one of the last times I will eat that….my heart may be in Asia but I don’t think my digestive system ever will be! On our way back to the hotel Christian and Luke decided to spend some time checking out the street markets on Khao San Road. At the first place they stopped, Christian paid exactly what the guy told him something cost not realizing that they upcharge tourists immensely. For the next hour I tried out my haggling skills to help Christian with the shop owners….luckily Shaked and I did lots of practicing in Hong Kong so I was ready. We got the majority of things down ~40% and had fun while doing it. Christian and Luke bought lots of stuff….I refrained because anything I bought would have to go in my backpack and I definitely don’t think my back could handle any more.
After that we decided to have a drink on our hotel rooftop. I opted for the mojito…..definitely never saw a gold mojito before then but nonetheless good.
This put us all close to nap zone, but decided before that I could go for my first massage in Thailand. Luke and I went to Siam Massage nearby our hotel and I got a ½ hour foot massage. I could have fallen asleep during it it was just what I needed….and only for four dollars (my kind of lifestyle)….but I was afraid I would wake up and all of my possessions would be gone lol. Post-massage, Luke and I were ready for a good nap. We all decided we just needed an hour or two and next thing you know it’s 9:30 pm and you know that if you close your eyes for a minute more we would be out for the night. So we rallied, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to a rooftop bar for some drinks and live music. Little did we know that the drinks at this place would be over 3 times the price! Christian and I split a bucket to avoid spending too much money here and Luke unknowingly ordered an 8 dollar beer. The music was great, but after a while we wanted more and were not about to pay for another.
So we headed to the street for drinks. We sat in plastic chairs next to a drink stand and haggled for more buckets and beers…..a classic way to start a night in Bangkok. The streets here at night are full of drunk westerners in front of packed bars and clubs playing the latest music. As you sit, stand, or dance around the Thai people are trying to sell you scorpions, bracelets with vulgar American sayings that I won’t share here and an assortment of drinks. As the night went on I got better and better with haggling and would be the one who did the talking when we got drinks. We did laps of Khao San Road a few times, and every time you walked a Thai man or woman would try to sell you something as you pass. We kept getting approached for Tuk Tuks and something called a “Ping Pong Show”…..we had zero clue what this was but a google search told all and I will leave it at that. We decided this was our one night of letting loose in Bangkok and decided we should do something out of the ordinary and very Bangkok. We later DEEPLY regretted our decision but we chose to go to a ping pong show for 10 dollars each (they wanted 30 at first….) and it included a free Tuk Tuk ride there. The Tuk Tuk alone was terrifying. The driver was crazy and us three idiots in the back just kept yelling SLOW SLOW U GO SLOW WE TIP MORE PLEAAAASE!, but the man was not phased at all. By the end of the ride the drinks we had at the beginning were completely empty and now on our laps. When we got there we were instructed to put away and keep away all cell phones. I think we lasted about five minutes there before we all agreed we were nauseous over it and needed to leave. We had to do some serious haggling to get home because we forgot to make sure we had enough for a Tuk Tuk ride back. The combination of the crazy driving and the absolutely nasty show made us all feel sick and the ride ended with Luke running to go and puke. We left Christian to pay for the Tuk Tuk and afterwards he realized he didn’t have his phone. A few minutes later the driver comes back with it and looks at him and goes “You give big tip for this?????”….any other driver would have taken that phone and it would have been gone forever but he somehow got lucky. At this point it was almost 4am and we all decided it was time to call it a night. It was your typical night in Bangkok….but I’m not yet sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

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Voyage to Bangkok

Goodbyes, Fish Floss, and first day in Bangkok

Well the day has finally come to take off on my next adventure. The reality of it all began to sink in when I had my first goodbye of the night....via FaceTime with Emmy. I am sure the people of the metro loved seeing her sobbing tonight and was wondering what the insane girl was doing. Then came Tobey....which everyone knows is one of my toughest goodbyes, thus bringing on more cries. I hope he isn't too mad at me! And then came the walk into the airport, arm in arm with Darl...and I think for the first time it felt real to her too. Although I am incredibly stoked for the travels ahead of me, it doesn't make it any easier leaving home. I think I even saw Tom shed a tear or two...2CC3216CC702B61943D6E326CDD2D838.jpg90_2C95ABDCA1E5018E6C2B8A7DF37C41E8.jpg90_2C974A71EDC90F3B1041DD2EB4C60F2D.jpg90_2C93D3DDB3339A19DB60B9BD200CFEA8.jpg

My night at the airport began with the man at the check-in counter telling me I needed to check my backpack....and something tells me that the struggles with my luggage will continue for the next few weeks until I am finally in Australia. But, oh well! Thanks to Darl, i was at the airport and sitting at my gate for three hours....yes, I do believe there is a thing as being too early for a flight. When it FINALLY was time to board the plane I was incredibly excited to go to sleep....I think from now on I will only take flights super late....slept for 11 hours on the flight and then only had five to go! There were three seats in my row, but it was just a little Asian girl and I who shared it so we got some extra room...although she still managed to keep touching me with her bare feet. During this lovely 15 hour flight (to which I swore was only supposed to be 13) we had two meals. The first was given right after we took off and I was so tired that I couldn't even eat it (first mistake). I thought that we would get three meals during the flight so I figured I would just eat the next time. Little did I know that the next meal wouldn't be for 13 hours! When they finally came around for the second meal I was extremely excited. When they got to me they gave me the option of Western Style breakfast or Chinese style....I stupidly decided to be adventurous (last time that will happen this trip) and ventured for the Chinese style (called Congi?). This option was definitely not the eggs I had had in mind. It consisted of fish over this creamy gross looking liquid with a side of tofu, fruit (thank god), a Chinese style bun, and fish floss. The part that really confused me was the package labelled "fish floss." At first, I thought it was some sort of dental floss and here I am thinking that there must be a lot of bones in this fish that are about to get stuck between my teeth. Then the little Chinese girl sitting next to me opened her fish floss package and sprinkled it over her creamy liquid stuff. So I figured I would follow her lead. I will admit, the addition of the floss made it taste less gross than before.....but still not ideal and honestly rather nauseating. 90_2C9945569E0725FE1E678D99EB9D502D.jpg2C90131A9F56A6223516E709107F608B.jpg

Let's just say I stuck to the bun and fruit during this meal and will now be opting for the Western style options. The rest of the flight to Taiwan wasn’t bad at all. We finally arrived almost sixteen hours after we had taken off. By this time it was nearly 5a.m. in Taipei and my first desire upon departing the plane was to find something more appetizing than the fish floss. Unfortunately, turns out that no where in the airport is open that early in the morning. So instead I decided to walk around a bit and stretch my legs before the next flight. Finally, about an hour or so later, some restaurants began to open so I grabbed some chicken curry and tea and sat watching Eat, Pray, Love for a bit as my next flight wasn’t until 9a.m. Maybe after my year(?) abroad I will star in Eat, Pray, Love II lol.
The second flight from Taiwan to Bangkok was extremely quick. I chose a safer meal on this flight thank goodness. After the flight I went to go grab my checked bags before searching for the luggage storage counter. Every person I asked kept sending me to a different location for it, and after the fourth person I finally found it. I said goodbye to my luggage for the next three weeks, locked it up and was off. I went down to the public taxi area and had my first taxi ride in Bangkok with a Thai man named Mr. Somchit (wondering if it’s pronounced “some shit”) who spoke zero English. Luckily, I atleast knew how to say “Gee Baht” (How Much). When I got to the D&D Inn after an hour cab ride I was so excited to check in and find a bed. The room was….interesting. The The bathroom area doors were see through, you could see the person showering from the bed and there were multiple hoses near the toilet with hoses near them instead of toilet paper. I was just grateful that there was a toilet instead of a hole in the floor. I explored the road our hotel was on for a bit by myself, Khao San Road, which is the one that’s known for its touristy markets and bustling nightlife. The street was lined with 7-elevens, elephant pants, and some nasty looking street food. Things I definitely didn’t miss about Asia: the constant smell of urine and people trying to get you to buy and eat scorpions on a stick. However, I loved being back. That night, while waiting for Christian and Luke to arrive I decided to go and find some Pad Thai and people watch along Khao San. There were plenty of Westerners on the road, trying out the buckets of alcohol, laughing gas, and questionable food. I was super proud when all of my chopstick practicing over the past year paid off when I was complimented by other foreigners on how good I am at using chopsticks. Luke and Christian finally arrived closer to 2am and we soon after all fell asleep to prepare for a busy day ahead. 2B4A9B76DB157B2F74DCF12D32792F9F.jpg2B489F560C3E26AD6FF3F7FD5C5DF19D.jpgimage.jpg

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