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Koh Phi Phi

Today, we landed in Phi Phi and finally were incredibly stoked to see some sunshine after our last two stormy days in Phuket. We took a ferry to Phi Phi early in the morning and unfortunately were not prepared for the motion sickness that faced us for the two hour boat ride. By the end, we all knew we were incredibly close to being sick but managed to keep it together unlike many of the other passengers. When we got to Tonsai Pier we fire were told we had to pay a "20 Baht Environmental fee"...the classic way to rip off tourists. After helping the locals and the environment we headed to find our Hotel. My google maps unfortunately was not very clear on the directions and we ended up walking through backyards, beaches, and other areas with no path. Luckily, I had my backpack, but I think Luke and Christian were ready to kill me considering they had huge rolling suitcases. When we got to our hotel, Phi Phi Vew Point Resort, I was extremely happy because for the first time this trip the pictures of the hotel online looked exactly the same as in reality. We had our own private bungalow with a patio and a view of the sea. To top it off, the sea here is 100 times more beautiful than Phuket and the island is much less developed and commercialized/touristy. Since it was incredibly sunny we went and sat on the beach and read our books. I got to finish my second book of the trip, After You, and we all got to work on our tans a bit more.
On our second day in Phi Phi we decided to take advantage of the sunny day and rent some kayaks for a few hours. After seeing those monkeys in Phuket we really wanted to see some more and found out that there was a Monkey Beach nearby. So we headed with our kayaks that way. The woman who we rented them from was also kind enough to lend us waterproof bags for all of our stuff. The trip in the kayak, though a bit difficult at times, was incredibly beautiful. At Monkey Beach we got to spend time swimming in the water and looking at the monkeys. We decided to keep a little bit more of a distance after being told these monkeys tended to be a bit vicious and will steal your bags, phones, cameras, or anything else you leave unattended. After spending a bit of time here we decided to head back on our 45 minute journey. Since Christian and Luke were at times speed demons with the kayaks and didn't stop as much to enjoy the view as I did, I tried to get a head start and started paddling before they did. After a few minutes of going in the kayak I thought I would grab my water from the comparrtment behind me quick realizing I hadn't drank any water throughout the trip. Well as soon as I turned slightly in the kayak was when I knew I was about to flip over. Next thing you know I am underwater, the kayak has bashed me in the head, my ore is MIA, and my waterproof bag is under the water. Of course naturally, as any millenial would, I freaked out trying to find my bag with my phone as fast as possible. I was ridiculously grateful that the waterproof bag actually worked and saved all of my stuff in it from being destroyed. Then I had to swim back to shore with my kayak to get back in as Christian went to grab my ore. Sadly, one of my favorite pair of sunglasses could not be found and now belong to dear old mother nature. Lucky that was all she took from me!! So with a sllightly bruised head and soaking wet clothes I regrouped and we all headed back to shore. We definitely all got in our workout that day and it was a super nice way to take in the views of Thailand. Later that night we went to go and watch the fire shows on the beach that happen at several of the bars/restaurants. When we first got to the bar the waiter came over and said "weed, you want weed....weed?." As enticing as it sounds to go to Thai prison and face the possibility of execution, there was no way any of us were interested. However, every single restuarant on Phi Phi still offers it to all the tourists.....weird. The fire show was pretty good, and a boy who looked about 10 years old was one of the best ones in the show. They invited tourists to be a part of it at the end, but after reading stories online of tourists getting third degree burns from it, we decided it would be best to sit that one out.
Though Phi Phi in general was a much smaller island, there was still a big nightlife crowd. Usually the day exhausted us so much that we were ready for bed at 11....I usually fell asleep even earlier. Even though I purposefully chose a hotel that was farther from the main bar area to avoid the noise it still travelled and was super loud where we were staying. Luckily, I was prepared and had earplugs and slept like a baby, but Christian and Luke were struggling hard for a few of the nights. We got lucky for two of the nights because it turned out that alcohol was banned in Thailand for two of the days that we were here because of a referendum and thus we got to sleep perfectly while the bars were closed and there was no music and nowhere for the tourists to go.
While in Phi Phi I also learned that Deet (which my bug spray is very high in) destroys nail polish and thus my nails and toes were a mess. So I decided to take advantage of the cheap prices and get my nails and toes done here. Tom, you probably won't appreciate this at all or care but I am sure mom will be jealous. Originally the woman tried to charge me 800 Baht, which is ~25 dollars and would include removing my gel nail polish, repainting them with gel, and getting a pedicure. In America, this would be cheap, but we all know how cheap I am so I used my bargaining skils and managed to get the price down to 500 Baht....~15 dollars....wooohoo! So I considered that a pretty successful trip too!! Later, I came back to the same place for a foot massage.....nothing like paying $4 for one!
All in all, I really liked Phi Phi much much more than Phuket. There were less people, much more beautiful views and ocean, and DEFNTELY much much better food.
Tomorrow we head to Samui....an 8 hour trip involving two ferries, one 3 hour bus ride, and two van rides.....gonna be lots of fun! We'll be meeting up with Lili at night, and Luke will be heading home early on his own.

Til next time!

Books Read: The Rumor, After You
Restaurants Liked: Anna's, Unni's, Mango Garden, Cosmic, Solemi

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