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Finally having a Job, and Unfortunately having Bugs!


This week has been a bit rough, between looking for jobs, finding ones that didn't suit my schedule, and overall just feeling like I really needed to find something soon. But at least it was entertaining last night when I heard yelling outside my window at midnight. I looked outside wondering what it was and found that it had been a prostitute yelling at a man to "bug off you f***king maggot". I began to think maybe this would be an easy job here! lol. I watched her for about 20 mins working the corner right outside my window. Waving at the drivers who stopped at the light on our corner and trying to get them to stop for her. Finally one rolled down his window and talked to her and after about 30 seconds she hopped in the car and they drove off. Looks like this could be an easy job if all else fails!
Caroline finally thought she found something after interviewing with a woman named Fallon for a waitressing position at a restaurant that was set to open in a week. Fallon told her she could take whatever time she needed on weekends to travel, she could work as little or as much as she needed, and even said that if she knew anyone else who needed a job she could bring them to training with her too. Thus, the next day when she had training I went with her too. Little did we know that "training" would consist of 4 hours of manual labor which included, unpacking boxes, setting up tables and chairs, and setting up the restaurant for them...all while not being told how much we were being paid. The next day involved two hours of nothing related to training as well. What really turned me off to the job was the next day when I was told to go to training at another location, which differed from Caroline's. I walked 30 minutes to the location only to be told that they weren't expecting me, they couldn't believe I had no experience, and I had to go home and change clothes into pants even though all of their other locations provided the uniform. That was kind of the last straw for me with this job, along with Caroline being told she had to work weekends if she wanted to work for them. I just began to realize that I came here to take a gap year and enjoy life and the world with a minimum amount of stress and although I needed income, I didn't need one that would cause me large amounts of stress. This was also the moment when Lydia and I realized that maybe this was a good time for us to take a trip, and then come back and feel okay with committing to a job that included weekends. We thought why not go to Fiji, or maybe Bali?
The next day I spent all morning applying for jobs as an administrative assistant, a nanny, waitress, barista, and anything else I could find. Around lunchtime I thought why not enjoy the 90 degree weather outside and headed to the beach for a few hours.

While I was gone, Lydia was able to get in touch with our realtor and told them all about how we were having bug problems....the fun continues! Though all my bites were gone now, Lydia and Caroline were covered in them and Lydia had it the worst. We had gone to the emergency room here to night before because one of Lydia's bites had a ring around us, but the nurse there told us that our bites were from mosquitos. Lydia realized hers were infected in the morning and so she went to the doctor who told her it was infected and gave her prescriptions for it. That afternoon the realtor said we could have Roy, a pest control man come in and take a look. He took apart all of our beds, couches, and anything else and still found nothing! He sprayed our entire apartment and said that anything that was in there would die....so our hopes went back up! But now it was Friday, our apartment was torn apart looking for bugs, and we had to be out of the apartment for hours because of the spraying...good start to the weekend! Lydia and I tried to ease the stress and headed to Darling Harbour for happy hour....it was exactly like it looked like in Finding Nemo lol.
The next day I received an email from a man named Jeff saying he wanted me to meet with "himself, Rose, and the boys". Since I had applied for so many jobs the day before I could not remember what this was in reference to...waitressing, nannying? who knows! But I went anyway because I really needed to start making some money! When I got there I found out it was for an executive assistant/nanny role for 18 hours a week. The family seemed nice enough and I was willing to take anything for the moment! I was able to negotiate for the salary and also was able to get a woman I had turned down for sitting for 4 hours a week offer me the position again so I felt much better with everything! I told both families that I could not start for a week and then......booked a trip for Fiji for the upcoming week :) Lydia, Caroline and I all will be leaving Tuesday and spending 6 days in Nadi, Fiji. Here we will be staying at Bamboo Beach Hostel, where they have Fiji musicians playing every night, are right on the beach, and have happy hour every night by the water....here we go taking a vacation from our vacation!....I don't think I could feel more blessed!
Lydia and I treated ourselves then to our first two meals out in a month this weekend. Our first involved half off carafes of wine along with meat and cheese plates at night, and then the following morning the most fabulous brunch I have ever been too. It involved bottomless beelines and an abundance of delicious foods. We felt like two of the Kardashians, while poor Caroline had to work the entire weekend!
When Monday morning rolled around Lydia and I planned to work at CRCC Asia for the day, until we were told the night before that we didn't have to come into the office. So we worked from home for the day and spent part of the day bagging up all of our clothes and cleaning them, hoping to get rid of any remaining bugs and suffocate them during our week away. Lydia woke up this morning with bites now on her face too...yet somehow I still had none! Considering myself VERY lucky!!

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