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Koh Samui

Our fourth stop in Thailand is Koh Samui, which is farther north than the islands of Phuket and Phi Phi. It is also where we will be meeting up with Lili, after her two day journey in Bangkok. Luke headed home the morning Christian and I left Phi Phi and we went on to our 9 hour journey to Samui. This trip involves two ferries and one 3 hour bus ride….woohoo. After our last ferry adventure Christian and I learned that we definitely needed some motion sickness tablets this time. So we went to grab some Thai medicine….hoping they are similar to American ones! The day was incredibly long but thanks to our motion sickness tablets. We left around 8:30 am and FINALLY arrived around 7p.m. ‘Twas quite a rough voyage! In Samui, we are staying at the Hacia Resort and Waterpark. Once Lili got there we decided to treat ourselves after a long day of travelling and eating crappy food and get a good meal. Luckily for us, the restaurant that we chose was celebrating their year anniversary and even gave us a discount on our food and bottle of wine. After dinner we decided to head into bed early to prepare for a full day ahead of us because it was supposed to be sunny. As we were getting ready for bed we noticed that a little lizard had joined us in our bedroom. Lili was not a fan, but in my mind as long as it’s not a cricket, roach, or anything of the sort I am good so I named him Jared and got into bed. I fell asleep right away while Lili was still getting ready for bed. A few minutes later I hear Lili calling my name, but I’m so tired I just continue sleeping. Then comes the yelling. She then yells “KELLY COCKROACH!!” Well, now that surely got my attention and I jumped up too. The cockroach was absolutely enormous and Lord knows that I wasn’t touching that thing. Lili and I are now full blown screaming “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”, “KILL IT!!”, “NO YOU KILL IT!!”. We must have been doing this for about five minutes when Christian hears of from next door and he comes to the outside of our door and goes “What’s going on??” and when we tell him there’s a cockroach and we need his help he says “Oh….nevermind bye!” and leaves us alone with it. Thus, the duty fell on Lili. We grabbed the hotel tray from the bathroom and smashes it against the wall right near our bed. We punched the tray into the wall until we were 110% sure that it was dead and then Lili three it outside with one of the hotel towels. Let’s just ay this was the worst night’s seep I’ve had this trip. We slept with the lights on….just in case any more roaches came to the slumber party. The next day after waking up and thanking Christian for kindly ignoring our cries for help last night we decided we would rent scooters for the day (only 6USD each!). When the people came to the hotel to drop off the bikes for us we were a little wary. We knew the odds of one of us falling off was high, especially with the three of us and then you also had to remember that driving in Thailand was much different than America, especially when it comes to driving on the left side of the road. But we were off! First, we stopped by Hin Ta and Hin Ya, which are a collection in rocks near Lamai Beach. They are shaped like a penis and a vagina….how lovely to have rocks shaped like human genitalia! We found the penis one very quickly….you couldn’t really miss it! However we couldn’t find the other one no matter how much we looked. We did a bit of exploring here and even tried out some ice cream in a coconut before heading to our next destination. Next up was the NanMueang Waterfall. It was an incredibly long hike up to reach the waterfall, but it was beautiful when you finally got up there. We hung around for a bit cooling off. We then noticed a bunch of clouds in the sky and noticed it was about to rain so we decided to head back. On the ride home it downpoured….nothing like being on a motorbike instead of a car during a downpour!! Lol. By the time we got back the rain had lightened. I was leading the three of us the whole time and then Chri was behind me and then Lili. When we made the last turn to the street our hotel went on and got back to the hotel I then realized they were not behind me….so I waited a few minutes and then headed back to the turn to make sure they were okay. Of course, we have a man down during the last minute of riding. Lili tried to make the turn and due to the bad turning radius of the bike and the wet streets she had a bit of a wipe out. Luckily, she only had scratches down her side and a bit of bruising and we were blessed that the bike had no damages. We decided to rest a bit after this long day and Lili’s injury but really liked the motor bikes so we decided to keep them for the next day too.
The next day we decided to go explore the island a bit more. We first went to eat lunch in a tree house restaurant called Rock Bar. It was really cool because it was literally a huge tree house and was also right on a secluded beach near Hin Ta and Hin Ya. Then we went to a beach about 30 mins away. There was no one else on the beach except for a dog who invited himself to join us. You could see the five islands from this beach and it was the perfect place for a nap for us!
We spent our third day going to the beach near our hotel, Lamai Beach for a few hours and then Lili and I decided to treat ourselves to massages. We both got foot massages and then after the first decided….why not do one more hour?? So we went for the rest of our body too. Worth it when two hours only costs 12USD!
Samui was nice because not only did we have a beach like in Phi Phi, but it was a beautiful and small island to travel around by bikes. We got to be a bit less touristy and just explore on our own so it was really.

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