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Voyage to Bangkok

Goodbyes, Fish Floss, and first day in Bangkok

Well the day has finally come to take off on my next adventure. The reality of it all began to sink in when I had my first goodbye of the night....via FaceTime with Emmy. I am sure the people of the metro loved seeing her sobbing tonight and was wondering what the insane girl was doing. Then came Tobey....which everyone knows is one of my toughest goodbyes, thus bringing on more cries. I hope he isn't too mad at me! And then came the walk into the airport, arm in arm with Darl...and I think for the first time it felt real to her too. Although I am incredibly stoked for the travels ahead of me, it doesn't make it any easier leaving home. I think I even saw Tom shed a tear or two...2CC3216CC702B61943D6E326CDD2D838.jpg90_2C95ABDCA1E5018E6C2B8A7DF37C41E8.jpg90_2C974A71EDC90F3B1041DD2EB4C60F2D.jpg90_2C93D3DDB3339A19DB60B9BD200CFEA8.jpg

My night at the airport began with the man at the check-in counter telling me I needed to check my backpack....and something tells me that the struggles with my luggage will continue for the next few weeks until I am finally in Australia. But, oh well! Thanks to Darl, i was at the airport and sitting at my gate for three hours....yes, I do believe there is a thing as being too early for a flight. When it FINALLY was time to board the plane I was incredibly excited to go to sleep....I think from now on I will only take flights super late....slept for 11 hours on the flight and then only had five to go! There were three seats in my row, but it was just a little Asian girl and I who shared it so we got some extra room...although she still managed to keep touching me with her bare feet. During this lovely 15 hour flight (to which I swore was only supposed to be 13) we had two meals. The first was given right after we took off and I was so tired that I couldn't even eat it (first mistake). I thought that we would get three meals during the flight so I figured I would just eat the next time. Little did I know that the next meal wouldn't be for 13 hours! When they finally came around for the second meal I was extremely excited. When they got to me they gave me the option of Western Style breakfast or Chinese style....I stupidly decided to be adventurous (last time that will happen this trip) and ventured for the Chinese style (called Congi?). This option was definitely not the eggs I had had in mind. It consisted of fish over this creamy gross looking liquid with a side of tofu, fruit (thank god), a Chinese style bun, and fish floss. The part that really confused me was the package labelled "fish floss." At first, I thought it was some sort of dental floss and here I am thinking that there must be a lot of bones in this fish that are about to get stuck between my teeth. Then the little Chinese girl sitting next to me opened her fish floss package and sprinkled it over her creamy liquid stuff. So I figured I would follow her lead. I will admit, the addition of the floss made it taste less gross than before.....but still not ideal and honestly rather nauseating. 90_2C9945569E0725FE1E678D99EB9D502D.jpg2C90131A9F56A6223516E709107F608B.jpg

Let's just say I stuck to the bun and fruit during this meal and will now be opting for the Western style options. The rest of the flight to Taiwan wasn’t bad at all. We finally arrived almost sixteen hours after we had taken off. By this time it was nearly 5a.m. in Taipei and my first desire upon departing the plane was to find something more appetizing than the fish floss. Unfortunately, turns out that no where in the airport is open that early in the morning. So instead I decided to walk around a bit and stretch my legs before the next flight. Finally, about an hour or so later, some restaurants began to open so I grabbed some chicken curry and tea and sat watching Eat, Pray, Love for a bit as my next flight wasn’t until 9a.m. Maybe after my year(?) abroad I will star in Eat, Pray, Love II lol.
The second flight from Taiwan to Bangkok was extremely quick. I chose a safer meal on this flight thank goodness. After the flight I went to go grab my checked bags before searching for the luggage storage counter. Every person I asked kept sending me to a different location for it, and after the fourth person I finally found it. I said goodbye to my luggage for the next three weeks, locked it up and was off. I went down to the public taxi area and had my first taxi ride in Bangkok with a Thai man named Mr. Somchit (wondering if it’s pronounced “some shit”) who spoke zero English. Luckily, I atleast knew how to say “Gee Baht” (How Much). When I got to the D&D Inn after an hour cab ride I was so excited to check in and find a bed. The room was….interesting. The The bathroom area doors were see through, you could see the person showering from the bed and there were multiple hoses near the toilet with hoses near them instead of toilet paper. I was just grateful that there was a toilet instead of a hole in the floor. I explored the road our hotel was on for a bit by myself, Khao San Road, which is the one that’s known for its touristy markets and bustling nightlife. The street was lined with 7-elevens, elephant pants, and some nasty looking street food. Things I definitely didn’t miss about Asia: the constant smell of urine and people trying to get you to buy and eat scorpions on a stick. However, I loved being back. That night, while waiting for Christian and Luke to arrive I decided to go and find some Pad Thai and people watch along Khao San. There were plenty of Westerners on the road, trying out the buckets of alcohol, laughing gas, and questionable food. I was super proud when all of my chopstick practicing over the past year paid off when I was complimented by other foreigners on how good I am at using chopsticks. Luke and Christian finally arrived closer to 2am and we soon after all fell asleep to prepare for a busy day ahead. 2B4A9B76DB157B2F74DCF12D32792F9F.jpg2B489F560C3E26AD6FF3F7FD5C5DF19D.jpgimage.jpg

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